About Us

The biggest collaboration platform for DJs and Bookers with a list of nightlife events worldwide.

Our vision

Clubberspot is the only place for Djs to create their professional press kit online and keep all their info in one place. It’s everything they need to showcase their gigs, tracks, videos, photos and build their rating in the nightlife community with us.

The Bookers are attracted by easily accessible catalog of Djs, open rating and well organized press kits. Our products allow them to engage, connect and hire Djs for parties at nightclubs, bars, festivals, houses or any other venues worldwide. They negotiate terms in our messenger, agree on price, place and make a contract on Clubberspot. We offer end-to-end solution from discussions to booking with a secure escrow payment feature. The funds are held by us until a Dj performs on an event according to the agreed contract terms. The money are released once both sides confirm that all went well.

What’s the most important thing in Djs press kit? When, where and whom he performed with. In simple terms, their Gigs. You, me and other people like to party, listening to dance music and hanging out with friends regularly. Here Clubberspot turns to a social network where the locals easily find events nearby. The travellers hang out like locals worldwide and experience the nightlife in a new city with no difficulties. They receive notifications, reminders and suggestions directly in our IOS/Android app. Clubberspot operates local globally! All nightlife events worldwide in your pocket.

Oh yeah, you're special

Don’t be selfish with your talent. Share it with the world on Clubberspot. Keep track of your professional experience in one place. Your press kit online! Just send your Clubberspot link with all info to Bookers.

Work efficiently, effectively

With Clubberspot, you have the freedom and flexibility to control your brand image, because Clubberspot replaces your regular website FOR FREE!

The Bookers from different cities and countries will find you and hire

Your fantastic press kit will help to attract more gigs and earn much more.

Increase rating in the worldwide community

Higher rating means that you’ll be more in demand to hire. If everyone wants you to perform on their events then your monthly income will increase.

Grow your audience with us

People like to hang out. Why not have fun at an event where you perform? But they must find it easily. Clubberspot is the right place for it. Start sharing your upcoming Gigs with us already today.

Work opportunities

Basically, we give you the service to organize your data in one place with easy access for Bookers. More your press kit looks beautiful and professional, the more chances that you'll be contacted by the Bookers very soon.

We know you love to hire talents

Nothing should stop you. Like a Dj? Slide into their profile on Clubberspot, look at their press kit and start communicating through Clubberspot Messenger.

Discover new super talented Djs worldwide

We’ll grow to the international level soon where many Djs worldwide will sign up on Clubberspot and share their press kits with us. Can you imagine how many easily accessible Djs will you have in one place? A lot. Keep track of their updates, communicate and hire.

Hire the best ones

Communicate to the Djs through Clubberspot Messenger, agree on conditions, price, and hire them for your upcoming events.

Save your time with us.

No need to waste hours searching tons of websites. You come on Clubberspot and find a Dj you’re looking for.

Find events at the locations, where Clubberspot operates

Where to party tonight? Look at all available nightlife events nearby. Review the Djs. Choose whose music you like the most. Go and have fun!

Travelling to a new city?

Obviously you’re not local. So can't know the best spots for your music taste. Check out Clubberspot Events and you’ll have no doubts where to go party tonight.