Start 2018
  • Professional Press Kit Tool OnlineDjs create their professional press-kit and keep all the info in one place. All their experience easily accessible with one clubberspot link. They upload photos, music, and videos and start building their first rating with us. The Djs share their gigs in their press-kit. The upcoming and past gigs are saved in once place. The events posted directly from the Djs searched by users using the filters like location, music genres and dates.

    JULY 2019
  • Bookers Join UsBookers create their profiles and access the catalog of talented Djs in one place. Search for Djs by Name, Location or Music Genres, communicate, discuss conditions through the Clubberspot Messenger, and hire someone for a future event.

    AUGUST 2019
  • Hiring on ClubberspotOur products allow you to engage, connect and hire Djs for parties at nightclubs, bars, festivals, houses or any other venues worldwide. Discover a new way to hire Djs. Clubberspot’s solution is making it easy for Bookers to hire the best talents at different locations with the help of new features.

    SEPTEMBER 2019
  • Clubberspot ProMore professional features for Djs and Bookers like extensive press-kit options and comprehensive statistics. It’s the right plan for Djs career. It’s the most powerful tool to showcase their professional press-kit online (full replacement of regular website). It’s everything they need to share gigs, music, videos, photos and grow their audience. The Bookers search for Djs with no limits. The best features to find, favor and message new artists instantly and easily. It’s everything they need to build their booking rating on the market.

    OCTOBER 2019
  • Create, Assign and Collaborate in Your EventsExtensive improvements for creating events on Clubberspot. We want to follow the nightlife, EDM events in details worldwide. Now you can easily assign the line up (Djs) on events, receive notifications about any changes, comments, moderate and integrate your events from other websites, and make it easy for Guests to find them.

    NOVEMBER 2019
  • Travel DJsTravelling that is inspiring and helps you get connections. You know where, when and for how many days you go. Advertise yourself in a city where you travel soon, get in touch with local Bookers through Clubberspot Messenger, perform a gig, earn money.

    DECEMBER 2019
  • Clubberspot ContractsEnd-to-end solution from discussions to booking with secure payment feature. The Djs and Bookers negotiate terms in messenger, agree on price, and place. The bookers send a formal booking request, followed by a legally binding contract and pay through the secure Clubberspot escrow payment system. The funds are held by Clubberspot until the Dj performs according to the terms agreed. The Dj performs at the event. If all went well and both parties confirm it, the funds are released and arrive on Dj’s account shorty. Both parties leave feedback on each others work.

  • Rating improvementsWe introduce more measures to provide an accurate Dj rating system. It’s rated on a scale of 5 stars. Every new user starts with 5 stars, which will be calibrated depending on activity and professional info shared. Inactivity leads to a lower rating. We take into account where, when and how many times you performed, every 5 star comment left on your page, number of followers and comprehensive statistics of your page.

    MARCH 2020
  • Clubberspot AdvicesWe recommend you where to go, whom to follow, whom to hire. Knowing you better, we save you time with our recommendations. You’ll meet Steve - your personal assistant. He’ll learn some details about you. But only what you want him to know. Significant improvements on learning details about your taste and interests.

    APRIL-MAY 2020
  • Clubberspot AppYour personalised App depending on whether you a Dj, Booker or Guest. You receive notifications, reminders and suggestions directly to your phone. Clubberspot operates local globally! All events posted directly by Djs worldwide in your pocket.

    JUNE 2020


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